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Hating the Uber-list...

          todo.jpg Regular readers may remember that the document which controls my life is the Uber List - that which contains all I have to do. It's looking perilous again, so I'm resorting to cunning means to get another Tick against the list, by transposing one task to this blog. The task in question is called 'Blog posts' - it's a list of things I feel I should blog about at some time. (See, it's complex - lists within lists. I don't know whether that's better - it keeps the main list manageable - or worse - I click on a task only to find ten more beneath it. It's like the Psycho corridor that never ends. Sort of.) The list of Blog Posts Yet To Be Written currently reads: 

- sales reps: need them or not? 
- agents: need them or not? 
- what it's like to be a sales force of 1
- the amazing shop-that-has-everything next door
- remote work experience - how it's going
- remote working - how it's going
- my secret wishes - what I really really want to have happen in 2007
- prospective authors: do they want us to lie to them? 
- uses for ONIX data
- an intro to FSC paper
- the parallels between publishing and martial arts
- what I would do if I owned Nielsen
- a guest post from one of our authors
- a photodiary of a typical snowbooks day
- Fixed vs variable costs: to get to £1m turnover, will we have to spend £990,000? or: how can I predict the future
- how snowbooks started: version 1
- how snowbooks started: version 2
- how snowbooks started: version 3
- a day in the life of a snowbooks person
- my advice to someone thinking about starting a publishing company
- update for our authors on this and that 
- how we do cover designs
- Competition: write a blurb for one of our books. But we'll only use it if it's brilliant. 
- my cats: a profile

So I throw it open to you. Any of the above sound interesting? Or awful? Please feel free to suggest other ideas too! 


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