Happy Christmas! • 24 December 2009 • The SnowBlog

Happy Christmas!

          Happy festive greetings, one and all. Don't the years go by quickly. We live to tell the tale, once more, unlike Borders and a handful of indie publishers. This year I have been incredibly time poor, what with Ro and all, but you know what? It's meant I focus in on what matters: the books (and my RoBerry, of course). Before having Ro I sat on this committee, did that speech, contributed to the other project, went to this conference (and Twittered, blogged and Facebooked my life away too). This year, I've focused right in on the books, selling them, thinking about them, designing them, talking about them. And I think this will continue into next year when we have some really astonishingly good books to bring you. I'm still not quite recovered from reading the delivered manuscript from Thomas Emson a couple of weeks ago of his Zombie Britannica. I can't wait to introduce you to Mark Hodder, with his debut steampunk thriller Spring-Heeled Jack, and Wayne Simmons' startling Flu. And Sean Cumming's Shade Fright is something you'll love, I just know.  Here are some covers to whet your appetite. 





Off to Wales in the morning for a few days, so Happy Christmas and new year. See you in 2010!  


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