Guest post: Jo Skailes, Remote Work Experiencer Extraordinaire • 9 March 2007 • The SnowBlog

Guest post: Jo Skailes, Remote Work Experiencer Extraordinaire


Here's a guest post from Jo, one of our remote Snowbookers who has so kindly slaved away for us for nowt. I feel a bit bad because she can't very well say anything bad about us, because she had to show it to me first. Still, here's what she had to say. (We have a picture of tulips, by the way, because it's all springy today, courtesy of the flowers in Kogan Page's reception today. Isn't my camera great?) 

"From the moment I first read about Snowbooks in a magazine feature, I followed its progress with passionate interest and admiration so, as a freelance journalist hoping to move into publishing, I was thrilled to be given the chance to join them for remote work experience. Since starting in January, I have proofed several novels; I instinctively thought I would enjoy it but I love it so much I've even surprised myself. I have also written press releases, worked on a grant application and looked through manuscript submissions sent to Snowbooks.

Working remotely has been fantastic. It is a brilliant opportunity that has allowed me to fit really great, hands-on and plentiful experience around my current commitments so I work in the evenings, at weekends and on days when I don't have any freelance work.

I really like Snowbooks' project management approach, which gives great variety and satisfaction, and it is a big advantage for me to gain experience in different areas of the publishing process.

I am really enjoying this opportunity and I can only thank Emma, Gilly and the rest of the team for taking me on." 


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