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I really hate BIC codes. They could be so helpful. They are not helpful. Don't read on if you're not a publisher - it's too boring for words. So I'm trying to find a BIC code for a piece of fiction, written last year, which a retailer would class as women's fiction. Best practice is to have a level three code, which means it's classified in the most detailed way possible. My choices, though, are: F - Fiction, level 1. Doesn't give enough detail, so I can't have this. FA - modern and contemporary fiction post c 1945, level 2. I could have this, but it's a bit vague, and there isn't a level 3 option. FR - romance. Er, not really... FRD - adult and contemporary romance, the level three option. Even less accurate... And that's it. The rest are all Historical, or Saga, Adventure and so on. And the same restrictions apply when I try to classify Adept - it's supernatural fiction, or thriller, but there's no option for supernatural thriller, and in thrillers the level 3 options are espionage and political/legal. Is anyone else as frustrated as I am about this? Annoys the hell out of me.


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