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Greetings, earthlings

If you've come here from the Bookseller article, hello! Have a look around. You'll find the 'snowcase' blog posts marked as such if you scroll down. Peppered amongst them is the usual Snowblog fare: zombies, politics, sandwich recommendations, linguistics, notes on which authors I fancy, pony pictures and references to me being on Radio 4. Something for everyone, really. In other parts of the site is our world famous open rejection letter, our online catalogue, Snowbooks Design Services and our free books club. You could spend all day here, really. In other news: I feel the need, the need for speed! It's Top Gun's 20th birthday today. Lordy, aren't we *old*?

From Rob: I'm surprised there are no comments yet from John and Judith A-W here. When I was in my mid-twenties, I would go round to John A-W's bachelor flat to drink his booze and he'd sometimes suggest watching a video. 'A video' being the operative phrase because he only owned one. Top Gun. Of course there was always Judith's one video - Dirty Dancing - if we got tired of making fun of Maverick. But that didn't happen very often. Somewhat against my will, I've seen that movie dozens of times. Thank goodness I drank in those days.


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