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Google Web Fonts

Snap! I see that Emma just pointed you towards Google Images' new feature. Now I'm wondering if y'all have seen the fonts available at Google Web Fonts. You may or may not know that these days you can choose from thousands of fonts when you're putting a web page together. I mean, you could do that in the past, but unless your users also had those fonts installed they'd just end up seeing your site in one of the standard fonts we're all used to looking at on the web. But with HTML5 you can choose any old font you like and if your visitors don't have them installed your webpage can tell your browser how to secretly fetch them from somewhere like... Google Web Fonts. But what surprised me was that you don't have to use those fonts in your web pages. I just downloaded a font to use in Illustrator. This one in fact: here's a bit of text that will appear in Stardos Stencil font if you're using an up-to-date browser and let's face it, why wouldn't you be? They're free after all. The fonts at Google Web Fonts are all open-source and free (like it says here). So fill your boots. link


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