Google Mars, etc; • 30 November 2009 • The SnowBlog

Google Mars, etc;

Every six months or so I like to check in with Google Earth and see what they've added. Last time it turned out you could look outwards at the stars. Now, as well as pretty much every spot on Earth, nicely annotated, you can explore the Moon, Mars or Earth's Oceans. Or you can go back in time with its History setting. Or you can pick the time of day and see where the sunlight will fall - handy for planning picnics or film shoots. I think Google Earth is maybe my second favourite internet thing, after Wikipedia. It's free, fairly simple to use and lets you explore Earth (and elsewhere) in a way that was impossible twenty years ago and probably unimaginable a hundred years back. It even downloads quickly. Go here if you haven't had a tinker with it lately.


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