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Gonna eat me a lot of peaches

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Ok, help me out here. This was the view from my desk last week. Now, shall I keep it or shall I.... (click below to read more...) ... HAVE THIS ONE INSTEAD?! 


It's finally happening! Andy and I are moving to the country. This is the view from our new house that we've decided to rent in the Cotswolds. 

Some people might think that I am a big copycat and just because Rob's got a new house I have decided to have one too. Well, that's... well that's right, actually. Too many manky things have happened to us in London of late for me to be willing to put up with it any more, and when we went to see Rob at the weekend and had such a lovely time we had one of those 'life's too short' epiphanies. Andy will bravely stay mainly in town in the week and then retire to the country at the weekend, and when he's not there there will be a steady stream of relatives and builders to look after the London place. The main thing is that the cats will move down to the country, which shows where our hearts are. 

So I'm going to be working from home for the first part of the week, and coming into the office Thursdays and Fridays. I am shattered at the moment from all the excitement but will no doubt talk about it at length over the next few weeks with all the details! We move at the end of the month. 

How. Utterly. Wonderful. Eeeeee! 


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