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my front garden

Pesky climate. It's been raining for most of the last week. It's really hit a kind of determined, marathon form of precipitation that just keeps steadily dumping water from the sky. Four or five hours back puddles and pools started to form in my garden. A couple of hours ago, the dip outside my front door filled up and the water started to well up inside my house. Like it did last summer... for the first time anyone could remember (and it's an old building). I did what I did last time - which apparently you're not really allowed to do - which is to pop the inspection hatch on the sewer and set up some lengths of hosepipe to siphon water out of the little lagoon in front of my house and into the drains. The yicky part is sucking on the hosepipe to get the water flowing. It's bad enough sucking up rainwater (and that's really all it is), but this time there was a dead mouse floating in the puddle - half de-composed - where next door's cat had left it. So I've been gargling with dead mouse water. Anyone fancy a snog?


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