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Glitzy novelists?


If I'm writing anything, I try to back it up a lot. I don't understand people who lose entire manuscripts without at least trying to maintain a copy somewhere safe. And when I saw the trinket in the picture, that's what I thought of. Not so much for myself, you understand, but perhaps for those writers of the female persuasion who like the shiny. You can carry a copy of your novel-in-progress around your neck - or maybe the finished article in case you meet a potential publisher socially (perish the thought). In case it's not clear, it's a Swarovski crystal pendant with a USB flash drive built in. (For anyone able to parse this sentence: I gakked it from boingboing.) More details here (but be warned, the site insists on animating and setting to music everything it possibly can, because as any good marketing person will tell you, we all love to be irritated unnecessarily). Further thoughts:

1) I love how the thing looks slightly asymmetric as though its creator was a jewellery design major who had a minor in anatomy. Hmmm. Since one side of the heart only pumps to the lungs, it should be smaller.

2) Perhaps the Society of Authors could commission their own exclusive flash drive necklaces. They could be (gasp) even more tasteful than the Swarovski ones. And whenever you saw someone wearing one you'd know you'd met a fellow scribbler. 


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