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Fun, funniest fun time

I'll admit, I'm a Joss Whedon groupie. I'd watch anything he wrote and/or directed. But somehow I managed to miss the opportunity to download for free his internet musical, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog. However, I've just received the DVD and I'd like to make the heartiest of hearty recommendations that you get a copy too. Unfortunately I don't think there's a UK version available. I'm not even sure you can buy it on UK iTunes. What you really want is a DVD player that can play American discs and then you can get to mail you a copy for $17 including international shipping. [Update: it's been pointed out to me that this DVD will play in any DVD player, not just an American one.] What's particularly nice about the Dr Horrible DVD is that it has making-of featurettes, and a commentary track which is as funny as the mini-movie itself, though admittedly it helps if you know something about the people speaking (like Joss, or Nathan Fillion (star of Firefly) or Neil Patrick Harris (from How I Met Your Mother)). And then there's a second commentary track which is all commentary songs. Yes, that's songs that share insights and anecdotes (and griping) about the movie. Genius. Be warned, despite all the fun and songs, the story is sad, but everything else about the project is happy-making. Own it.
Oh, and just to give you some context: this is what Joss and his buddies (and brothers) did during the Writers' Strike when they weren't picketing. They made it for thruppence and to show that there were possibilities for making entertainment that didn't involve big TV networks. So buy it and every time you laugh, you'll be supporting media entrepreneurship and the principle of things being good quality and cheap with funny jokes.


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