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          Isn't the book trade lovely and full of the nicest sort of person? You'd never get anyone from Black and Decker buying five Flymo lawnmowers to give out to people because, wow, it just cuts such a neat lawn. But that's just what two publishers are doing at the moment. Not with lawnmowers, though. I have been mightily impressed to see both Susan Hill and Scott Pack putting their money where their mouths (or at least opinions) are and buying books they liked just to give them away to others, in the hope that the word will spread. They are much better people than me because whilst I want to muscle in on the action, I want to give away one of our own books which I think deserves more attention (plus I happen to have a box full in the office. Plus it's quite thin so quite cheap to post. Emma Barnes=Skinflint.)

The book is Virginia Woolf's The London Scene - a collection of essays originally commissioned by Good Housekeeping magazine (ah, how times have changed). There's one essay that's never been published in a book before, which makes it extra special. To encourage people to both enjoy this book and discover a particularly excellent litblog (which I'm sure you'll know about already, but just in case), a copy is yours if you answer this tie-breaker question...what book has Lynne at Dovegreyreader just read? Answers on an email to There is no upper limit on the number of copies to be sent out (yes, it was that much of an over-printing disaster) so get emailing!

//Update 21st Sept 3.30// All the copies in the big box in the office have been claimed and sent out! Thanks so much for your interest but I think I'll close the competition now.//


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