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FREE 10 minute catalogue creation kit, just in time for Frankfurt


I had a thought at the start of the weekend, and, as tends to happen, had a URL at the end of the weekend to show for it: And look, I even did a fancy press release to go with it.

Onix Central Release Free Xml Starter Kit

Posted at 9:34AM Monday 24 Aug 2009

Onix Central is delighted to announce the release of a free downloadable XML Starter Kit. The kit allows publishers to create easily a full catalogue using an Excel spreadsheet and InDesign. No other software is required.

Emma Barnes [that's me], a director at Onix Central, said "More than anything we want members of the book trade to get the benefits of XML that we know will transform their business. And to that end we've decided to provide these completely free files to let them hit the ground running. No cost, no obligation, but the potential to save you hours, even weeks of time. We wanted to provide a really useful tool, so here it is: a way to create a catalogue in under ten minutes using software you already own."

To download the Starter Kit at no cost, and to view instructional videos, visit

So you should do that then. Just in time for Frankfurt!


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