Frankfurt: an out of office blog message. • 6 October 2007 • The SnowBlog

Frankfurt: an out of office blog message.


Frankfurt Book Mess, er, Fair

Anna and I will be at Frankfurt Book Fair from Tuesday night until Sunday night. I will check my email every now and again but won't reply to many on account of being Completely Busy. My phone will work, and the office phone is on divert to my mobile, but again, I won't really have time to chat because of that Busy status we've just talked about. And doesn't it cost a fortune to receive calls when you're overseas? And I prob'ly won't post at all here - you know why. So if you need anything from me, or need anything doing, before Monday 15th, this is your final chance. Bear in mind that I am going to be frantically busy over the next two days doing all the things I should have done already and haven't. Oops. Wish us luck!


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