Foolish • 25 June 2008 • The SnowBlog


Rob and I, in our more foolish moments, practise a little trick we've been working on for a while. Whilst on the phone, one of us emits a steady cry of 'aaaagggggggggghhhhhhh', whilst simultaneously passing the phone from our right arm's length to our left. You get an excellent effect of someone running past at high speed, in a state of panic. That is how I feel at the moment. I have three massive deadlines, all for this afternoon. I have to go to a thing in London tonight, so they have to be done by 3-4. It's never going to happen. [quietly] aaaaaa [getting louder] AAAAAGGGHHHHH [trails off] hhhhhh...... p.s. I actually quite like this feeling. I'm a deadline junkie.


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