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Five Things I like

Yey, I've finished my bookkeeping for the week. I am a good person. In exchange I am going to treat myself to a frivolous blog post that has only the most tenuous links to publishing. It is Five Things I Like. 1) Cycling to and from work. I like to think of myself as special; don't we all? In my book, the best way to feel superior to one's fellow man is to cycle past a bus stuffed to the brim with them. Even in the rain I love it! It gives me the greatest sense of freedom and a feeling that I am able to do exactly what I like with London. London doesn't own me: I am not tied to its infrastructure, or stuck with its timetables. Plus it wakes me up. Plus it's quicker than the bus. Plus there's a really good hill that I can go 'wheee' down - but only under my breath - I am a professional, after all. 2) Other people doing their job. The corollary of this one, of course, is other people not doing their job, which happens so often that I am nowadays really grateful when people just do the basics. For instance, I have emailed a certain person today, asking them a very urgent question. They have not replied. If they had replied, I would be very grateful. It's not too much to ask (well, obviously, it is.) On a positive note, I can email my lovely new bank (Coutts) and they reply smartly - even when they're on holiday - with a lovely, clear note that answers my question. Yes, you read that correctly. I can *email* my bank and they *email* me back. It's like the future! Go on, try it now. Email your bank and see what happens. I'll wait here. 3) Rain. Big fan of rain. It keeps people inside so I get to have London to myself. And I like getting wet and then having a hot bath. 4) Getting things done. Like my bookkeeping - I really, really loathe doing it, but hey! It's done! Huge cause for celebration. And like going on the radio - I felt sick for two days prior to it but yey! I did it! And now I'm all proud of myself and haven't stopped going on about it. 5) My friends. An obvious one, I know, but I have smashing friends. One is my wonderful husband, Andy, who is just about the best husband a girl could possibly hope to have. My other main friend is Rob, who is just about the best business partner a girl could possibly hope to have. How lucky am I? And there is a whole set of similarly wonderful people who are smashing too (you know who you are). There's a longer post to go here about the importance of a balanced management team, and how complementary Rob and I am (cue all sorts of nonsense about how I like his tie, by way of getting the two sorts of complimentary / complementary confused - an old joke which we've had going for about 8 years) but for the moment suffice to say that my select group of excellent friends make life an utter joy. So that's five things I like. Back to work now.


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