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Fiction Friday and no more free books

The Snowcase is very popular, very popular indeed. Hooray! I particularly like that people are commenting on the posts - just as I hoped. There's a piece Emob* wrote for the Bookseller here. Thing is, it's *so* popular that this blog is in danger of becoming one long list of Snowcases. Plus, even though you've been angels with your formatting, it takes five or ten minutes to format and post each one - and ten minutes really adds up when there's a lot of posting to be done. So, to keep things on an even keel, I'm going to update the blog with Snowcases once a week. We wondered which day we should choose. Although Rob's suggestion for a catchy alliterative title - Fiction F'ursday - was very good, very good indeed, we decided in the end on Fiction Friday. There should be sufficient to keep you going throughout the week, and should allow me to actually get on with some work. *Emob: a concatenation of Emma and Rob. We are a team. Could also have been Roma, or Erob, or Emmarob... oh, you get the gist. On a similar note, the Free Books Club is doing very well indeed - so well, in fact, that stocks in the office are running low. So I'm going to amend it to this: you can still have a free book, but only if you buy another one. Since most of you have kindly said you're going to buy our books anyway that shouldn't be too much of a nuisance. Also, I have to say I've been disappointed with a few of the requests for free books. The vast majority of people have been lovely and friendly, and have said thank you. A minority have stated the name of the book, their address and left it at that. I suppose that people are used to dealing with large companies, and don't imagine that there's a human being at the other end, but, well, there are only three of us. Giving friends of the blog free books is supposed to be a bit of a treat. It's certainly not going to make us any money because of the part where it's free. So my new plan is this: I'll give priority to the nicest people and make the rude, grabby ones wait a bit. If the free books you've asked for take ages to arrive it's probably time to call your mum and ask her to give you that speech about saying please and thank you just one last time. I'm sure she won't mind. Whereas if your free book turns up promptly, you'll know it's because you're a polite person who gets on well with other people - and you can tell everyone we said so.


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