Feeble excuse • 4 June 2008 • The SnowBlog

Feeble excuse

Er, you know those royalty cheques you'll be getting any time now, Snowauthors? Erm, I've run out of cheques. This has to be the worst excuse ever. Still, the bank say I'll have a new chequebook by Friday, so that's good. Thankfully I started at the beginning of June, when end of June is my deadline, so I'm not late yet - but honestly. I blame Crafter's Companion with its 17 contributors. They ate away at my cheque stash. (Yes, I know. I am terribly antiquated for using cheques. The thing is, posh bank Coutts charge 25 for chaps payments and 35 for bacs payments. Plus I like my chequebooks - the stubs are reassuring and proof that I have paid things and help me with my bookkeeping. And I like doing a bit of longhand writing from time to time.)


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