Exciting news! • 17 December 2007 • The SnowBlog

Exciting news!

News! News! I'm delighted to announce that Snowbooks, small publisher extraordinaire, and Allison and Busby, the small publisher of big books, are teaming up in a clever, collaborative way. Susie Dunlop, who runs A&B, and her team will from now on be doing all Snowbooks sales. The Bookseller have written a lovely article about it here (and they used my SnowGlobe which I'm particularly delighted about - thanks Tom!). As the article mentions, this will not only be superb for our sales, as Susie is millions of times better at it than me, but will free me up to work on SnowAngels. Roll up, roll up! Get your affordable publishing services here. I'll post separately later on today about some of the services we provide and a conversation that Rob and I had at the weekend about data management. Summary: we do think we can help lots of publishers to manage their data in a way that will give them more time and money to spend on the things that matter, using ONIX and XSL, but we hope that publishers realise how useful this stuff can be. Any questions, email me. From Snowbooks' authors' point of view, this is very good news. It's a way of ensuring that our tiny team can manage and grow the business without collapsing dead of exhaustion. For our publishing services clients, existing and future, it means we have more time to dedicate to saving you time and making you money. For me, it means I get to work with the very best sales team in the business. Everyone's a winner!


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