Every day they're getting prettier • 31 October 2007 • The SnowBlog

Every day they're getting prettier


The displays are getting more paper-like, the designs are getting sexier, the prices are slowly coming down. e-Readers keep getting better. And you know how fickle people are. Yes, they love books, but once upon a time they were little and they loved playing with a ball or using their imagination to make up games, and then they saw an Xbox and they never stirred from the sofa again. Once upon a time they loved their vinyl records and their cassette walkmans and their portable CD Discmans and their mini-disc players, and then they saw an iPod and now all that other stuff is up in the attic. Are we going to be like the out-of-touch grandparent trying to get kids interested in colouring and board games when what they want is a Playstation Portable loaded with games and a few movies on UMD? Are we expecting them to demand paper books no matter how shiny, jaw-dropping and expensively-marketed e-Readers are?

This one is a Cybook Gen3. It's still a bit tacky. I wonder what these things will look like in four years.  


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