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I haven't been to the office for about three weeks. A combination of clutch problems on our car, resulting in a lot of time spent in the garage, and a deep seated sense of how much I'm over London has kept me in the countryside. However, today I am, in fact, in the London office - which is presumably why the connectivity gods have conspired to make our server go a bit funny. Goes without saying that it's been fine for months, when it's within kicking distance in my spare room. Now, of course, that I'm 60 miles away, it's decided to have a day off. All this is to say that our email's a bit hit and miss today. I have to catch emails in the webmail box before they get processed, and I might miss some. I'll get back to you tomorrow, once I'm back in the countryside where, upon questioning, the server will say 'What? I didn't do anything. An older boy told me to do it,' and so forth.


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