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And so to Centrepoint where I took part in the Futur(e)book conference. I was talking about using ebooks as marketing tools (slides below). Amongst other initiatives, we've used Facebook to communicate directly with readers, and to offer them a free ebook of the first in a series - hoping that once they've finished it, if they love it, they'll buy the next one. As well as Facebook, we use Issuu.com too. Check out some of the viewing numbers on our page on issuu.com . 31,000 views of George Mann's The Shattered Teacup. 25000 views of Thomas Emson's When Soft Voice Die. 17,000 views of Family Cycling. Even our automatically generated pack of AIs enjoyed 6000 views. These are sensational numbers for a tiny publisher. And a gazzillion views is going to result in something happening somewhere - if a tiny percentage of those viewers loved the work and buy Thomas' and George's next book, that's pretty effective marketing since it costs nothing to put books on issuu.com. If you'd like to talk to us about using ebooks as marketing tools, drop us a line at Onix Central where we'd be happy to help.


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