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Doctor Who: Sat 22nd May

You know, I find of enjoyed last night's Who. It was a little humourless and there was nothing particularly clever about it, but still I found myself having fun. I've thought in the past that the writer, Chris Chibnall, should be under house-arrest for crimes against television. He was the show-runner for Torchwood and wrote a number of episodes for them. Really, that should result in an automatic five-year ban from media work. But his first Who episode, 42, was in the 'fairly good' category and that's probably where I'd put last night's effort, The Hungry Earth. I can't quite judge the pacing of last night's episode because I got a phone call in the middle of it. (Why would anyone call me at home at 18:45 on a Saturday? Unless they were my mother, I mean, and had a question about furniture.) But I'm hoping next week's ep can keep up the pace without doing anything too foolish. [Continue reading for one or two spoiler-laden irrelevancies] Was interested to hear on Who Confidential that Chris Chibnall's original idea for the main monsters in The Deadly Earth was giant lizards that curl themselves into a wheel shape and roll after people in order to attack them. If they'd gone down that route, I wonder at what stage they'd have realised that CC almost certainly 'came up with' that idea through the clever trick of simply seeing it on another show and nicking it (or perhaps assuming it got into his brain via 'imagination' rather than the more pedestrian 'memory'). c.f. cluster lizards from weird, Euro-Sci-Fi show Lexx - which I think people only ever watched very late at night, so I can almost understand how someone might think they dreamed it.


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