Deja vu all over again • 20 February 2008 • The SnowBlog

Deja vu all over again

Isn't Torchwood a confusing program! This season everyone is nice and the team is a team. Hooray! And the plots are sub-standard not abysmal. And the dialogue is poor not woeful. And each week they manage to just about defeat an enemy they massively outnumber rather than be defeated by them. Last time I pointed this out they were tackling fork-lift truck drivers, this week it was...[warning: spoilers] ... an old man with a gun. And like last time, they couldn't take on an uber-baddy like Old Man or Fork-Lift Driver without someone on the team getting shot. And as before the aliens in pain were unfortunately killed not rescued. But still: unlike Season One, it's not all bickering and crushing defeat any more. I do think, though, before a third team member is shot, Cap'n Jack should step forwards and say, 'if you want to shoot someone, shoot me'. You know, what with him being indestructible. Unless it really hurts, in which case I suppose I can understand his continued reluctance. Also, Em and I were only yesterday discussing the implications of the Einstein Podolsky Rosen (EPR) Paradox as it relates to quantum entanglement* and then it pops up as technobabble on tonight's show. And I totally believe that Martha (who's even more unconvincing as a qualified doctor than Owen) would have heard of it. Totally. *Really. We were. And then we ate crumble and watched Mean Girls.
Update: I'm in the process of signing up with a new agent and I've asked them to get me fabulous fabulous screenwriting gigs on Doctor Who. You know, ideally. But I'd probably accept trying to fix Torchwood. I rate the chances of this happening as anorexically slim, but if the previous posts I've written which horribly slag off Torchwood or occasionally Who suddenly disappear from the SnowBlog, it probably means I've at least got a meeting with someone junior at the BBC. So not a word from you scurvy knaves about all those terrible things I've been saying. OK?


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