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Day tripping

Those of you who read my pal Verity's blog will know that a couple of times there have been no takers for the afternoon trip over to the island she's living and volunteering on. It's an hour on the boat out from Cardiff Bay and it sounds like an excellent way to spend an afternoon, so any of you who live near there might think about making the journey (details here). I think it's a fun time for kids too, so maybe you've got some of those who need entertaining. I also discovered that Google have included the island on their Google Maps 'satellite' view. Go here , zoom in to explore and then zoom waaay out to see where the island is. (One minor confession. Google Maps shows the water around the island as being a soupy green - kind of the same colour as the island - and I thought the sea should be blue. So I changed it in my little picture. Do not expect blue water if you go.)


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