Covered in dust • 1 November 2007 • The SnowBlog

Covered in dust

I have had to move offices this morning, because the damp proof course in my old office needed doing and then someone else wanted the space. Hmph. I only had to move to another room in KP's empire, though, and it's lovely and quiet. I can imagine being very happy up here in the rafters. Plus I now have what I think I'll call an ante-chamber - oooh. So I am currently covered in dust and aching from carrying millions of boxes. But the main reason for the post is this: if you are in the habit of knocking on my window when you come to see me, I'd advise against it now. You'll just get a nice middle aged lady peering back at you. Rob's update: Just to clarify that last sentence, previously if you tapped on the window, that's not what would have happened. None of the peering you received from nice ladies would have been middle-aged.


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