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Cover comparison

While looking for a cover photo for that last post I realised that The Weather Makers must have been redesigned for the UK market. On the left is the US edition and on the right the UK. I've got to say, if I'm going to read about climate change I want a book with a bit of gravitas, but one that also looks like it will have some elegance to its prose so that it won't feel like a textbook. For me, the US cover looks more impressive, though the colours seem ugly to me and the little ice cube on fire is tacky. Whereas the UK design lacks authority despite being more attractive (I only bought it because I couldn't find anything better at the time). I suppose they went for the jumbly font to give it a kind of homemade, recycling feel, but it's not really about recycling; it's about environmental catastrophe. I like the clean design (see post below) the best - elegant and authoritative, though something more environmental than a glass of water might have been good. I wonder where in the world it was published looking like that.


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