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I believe in a few things that might be called conspiracies, but since 'conspiracy' is usually meant as a criticism, I don't think of them in that way. A few examples might be corporations using underhand tactics to get laws changed in their favour, or US Republicans gerrymandering like crazy, or the CIA doing bad things in secret (which is almost their mission if you think about it). I think all of those things happen, I think they are underreported and I don't think that's a conspiracy, so much as 'getting away with it'. On the other hand, I think men have landed on the moon. In some ways it would actually be cooler if the moon landings were faked - at least as a story. And even if you don't believe the conspiracy, you have to admit some of the evidence the conspiracists dig up is wonderfully tantalising. I'm more skeptical about Lee Harvey Oswald being a lone gunman. But the one I really get stuck on is 9/11. It seems next to impossible that it was an inside job, and fantastically unlikely that the administration turned a blind eye while real terrorists got on with it. On the other hand, there have been so many cover-ups, distortions and white-washes - so many weird facts that don't fit - that every now and then I find myself wondering: if it's not a conspiracy, then what is it? I'd love to know.

The main reason this question comes back to trouble me from time to time is this: the Republicans will lose the 2008 Presidential Election. They don't stand a chance. They might as well concede now. And they will lose control of the Senate too. They've already lost the House. So the Democrats will have a clean sweep and a popular mandate. The only thing that can save Republican politicians is a terrorist attack. Something which they would do anything to prevent. But talk about an incentive to screw up. 


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