Complementary cashflow • 15 November 2006 • The SnowBlog

Complementary cashflow

Re: Em's graphy post below
Thinks. Maybe we should be down at the library, searching through big books, looking for a business idea with exactly complementary cashflow to that of publishing, so we can graft it onto Snowbooks and balance everything out. And maybe we should adopt it, whatever it is, providing its graph is the mirror image of the publishing one. I like to think that we'd wind up with something really cool that way. Unfortunately, the only complementary business I can come up with so far is
lottery-winner-who-subsequently-sells-story-to-magazine-then-flogs-film-rights. But maybe there's something else out there.

This complementarity stuff reminds me of the story I was told a long time ago about how Walls produced both sausages and ice cream, because nobody wanted ice cream in the winter and no one trusted their sausages in the heat of summer. It's a nice story, but doesn't it suggest that Mr Whippee should be offering piping hot winter bangers around now?  


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