Competence and a nice pub lunch • 20 September 2007 • The SnowBlog

Competence and a nice pub lunch


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Em and I went to visit Haynes yesterday. As someone who used to lie underneath cheap cars trying to fix them, the trip was quite a treat. I even came away with a free copy of the book you can see in the picture. And yes, given a choice, that was the one I picked. It's nerdilicious. The Chaps at Haynes print an awful lot of manuals, and they also handle other people's printing too - including some of ours. They don't necessarily look like shrewd business types (I hope they don't mind me saying so); they look more like engineers, but they certainly know how to run a business. As well as being good at what they do and very easy to talk to, they also put on a good spread: in this case a nice steak and kidney pie in the pub across the road, followed by apple crumble and custard. What with that, a look at a few Heidelberg Speedmasters, and a free manual on engine modification, the whole day out was a treat for my 'y' chromosome.
Hey, Em! Hurry up and write Post 500: Our Complete Official History (With Footnotes) so that I'm allowed to add posts again.


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