Climate change requires no action • 28 April 2009 • The SnowBlog

Climate change requires no action

I haven't posted about climate change for a while. The last time I did, nearly all of the many comments were about how we don't need to do anything. That seemed strange to me given the level of scientific consensus to the contrary. And what was also interesting was that everyone had a different reason for why no action was required. And recently I've been reading about even more reasons to do nothing. If you have a favourite do-nothing justification that's not on this list, maybe you'd post a comment. No action required because: 1. The climate is not really changing. 2. The climate is changing, but it's 'natural' not man-made. It's out of our hands. 3. Man-made climate change is real, but not serious 4. Man-made climate change is real and serious but too expensive to tackle right now 5. Man-made climate change is real and serious, but science will come up with a painless fix soon. 6. Man-made climate change is real, serious and we're all doomed. Why fight it?


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