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Christmas pricing

So this is one of those posts that I implore you to comment on so I don't have to make decisions on my own. This is the question: how much do you want to pay for our books? I know. It's a stupid question because you might say 'Onepence, and not a farthing more.' But I think we are all friends here together, and you understand the commercial pressures this little company faces as well as I. So what I'm really interested in is figuring out how much to charge for books on our website. See, I really appreciate it when people buy books direct from this site. It is a lovely, intimate way of doing business and leads to friendships. It offers me the chance to build a contacts list. It gives me an idea of who's interested in what, and why: all invaluable information. And it is also a chance for you, the kind purchaser, to show that you support Snowbooks in a direct and meaningful way. So the last thing I want to do is fleece you, our most valuable of customers. Thing is, at the moment all the prices on the website are the full list price. True, they are free of postage in the UK, but still. I can't help but feel a bit bad about that. So what would you have me do? What sort of discount do you think would make you feel like it was worth your while buying direct from us (without all the one-clicky goodness of Amazon or the browsablility of a large store) - whilst making sure that Snowbooks made a little bit of money too? Bear in mind that I really want to get some significant volume through the website for our Christmas gift books. I want to offer people a great price, and great service. Service is not a prob, providing the post office manage to stay in business for a few more weeks - but I want the price to be compelling and to reward people who make the effort to buy from us. (Also, Eoin, if we change our prices I will give you a retrospective discount as you kindly paid full whack plus overseas postage for Cooking with Booze the other day and I would hate for you to be disadvantaged!) I am all ears.


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