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Christmas homepage

When was the last time you looked at - the homepage, I mean? Do you go there every time you visit the site, or do you come straight to the blog? It's of passing curiosity to us - that and other stats about This morning we were trying to figure out what our stats mean. The numbers are either vast, or massively skewed by the fact that I visit the site around three times a day. Since January this year we have had: 1,769,431 hits 332,523 pages viewed 131,912 visits and 68,124 unique visitors If anyone can tell me whether that's good or bad, do! Anyway, purpose of this post is to tell you that's homepage has been updated. (What am I saying, talking in the third person like this...) I have updated's homepage! (Much better.) If I had more time and skillz I would have made the snowglobe a shaky one, and you could have turned it upside down and shaken it. But, frankly, that's not going to sell a whole heap of extra books, now, is it? On with the day. Erg, it's nearly lunchtime!


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