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Children's books

So for the first time in my adult life I have an interest in children's books. Indeed, I already know a few of them off by heart. Here are my reviews of some of the ones we've read so far. Ro's favourite is Stick Man. The things he looks for in a book at the moment are nice colours and shapes, and how the words sound. Stick Man has a nice lilting, rhyming story and the pictures are bright, with a lot of white space. Two thumbs up (if Ro had control of his thumbs yet). Another favourite is The Gruffalo. He likes the physical book as much as the story - our edition is the board book and his fingers like to explore the edges of the boards and open the pages. One Snowy Night hasn't gone down very well so far. I think the images are too pastelly for him at the moment. Aliens Love Underpants has similarly bombed. The rhymes compared to The Gruffalo et al are distinctly sub par. The Snail and the whale makes him cry - I think the colours are too dark. The Very Hungry Caterpillar will come into its own when he can poke his fingers in the holes although he does like the colours already. Room on the Broom went down well. It's quite a good, lyrical story and the pictures aren't too alarming. Finally, Peter Hamilton's Judas Unchained has been going down very well. I think he likes the swear words. A girl can't read only about brooms and Gruffalos all day long, you know.


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