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Snowbooks hasn't done much with e-books. We've offered them for sale through a third party, but we haven't got creative. We're not exactly getting creative now, but we're thinking it's about time we put out at least one title that that can be downloaded for free. Mysterious author Robert Finn has written a very short novel (around 40,000 words), called Underlife, as a prequel to his other full-length novels. Any minute now, As of now it's available in a few of the most popular electronic formats ready for strewing at the feet of online readers everywhere (just go here and scroll down). Author Cory Doctorow, who is apparently based at the other end of Amwell street from us (though we've never met him), gives electronic copies of his books away for free and says it does wonders for the sales of his paperback editions. And The Friday Project, who I haven't always seen eye to eye with, certainly deserve praise for being pioneers when it comes to offering Creative Commons (CC) licensed downloads of their titles. (Update: I can only find one TFP title that has been CC licensed. But even if that's it, it's still one more than most other publishers.) Anyway, this is our attempt at dipping our hats in the water and throwing our toes into the ring. Let's see if anything happens. ______________ Emma's Update If you'd like to offer your own blog readers Underlife for free, you can use this button! undelifebutton.jpg Here's the code: cut and paste into your own html or blog post. <a href=""><img alt="button" src="" width="130" height="74" />


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