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It's mouse-a-licious!

It's their insatiable lust for Calgon that proves their undoing. I have captured my first mouse. Once again, there was a rustling in the cupboard under the sink and this time I knew what it was. A scheming rodent had infiltrated my precious Calgon horde. I was able to open the door and throw a towel over the Calgon box before the mouse could super-speed away. Now it's cooling its many heels in a big plastic container, with a few unsalted nuts and raisins for fodder, and its Calgon box for shelter. I think I just need to provide it with a refreshing drink and it should be set until Em comes over this afternoon and we can take it on a walk with us and release it on the other side of the hill. Continue reading for a couple of rather fuzzy photos of my tiny beaver-like captive. mouse1.jpg mouse2.jpg I thought it was in the box when I threw a towel over the top of it, but it had already leapt into the air and was caught in the towel. Which means when I pulled the towel tight I was compressing the mouse, which made a sort of 'Eeek, Eeek' noise. I quickly stopped squeezing it and I don't think I did it any harm. It seems able to get around fine and is still inquisitive and everything so hopefully I only I only caused it some discomfort rather than actually hurting it. I'll have to be more careful next time.


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