Can I change the world tomorrow instead, please? • 28 February 2007 • The SnowBlog

Can I change the world tomorrow instead, please?

          Brain no work. Late night. Early start. Getting old. Not even boozy. Long train journey. No words. Pictures instead. 


Lovely Richard Gwyn at the launch of his book, Deep Hanging Out, in the Cardiff Waterstone's last night. 

More delights below the cut. masses.jpg
The thronging masses. Had a great turnout of about 70 people. Massive thanks to Gareth and Gareth at the store for being so delightful and selling so many books! 

to copy.jpg

Time Out today. They published a rude word I said. Um. Must watch my mouth. 

wstaones copy.jpg

The London Book Fair magazine (you'll have to tilt your head). For the record I wasn't actually the youngest head of buying at B&Q - I was the youngest buyer. It's nice of Danuta to have thought I was worthy of such rapid promotion! 

wstonesscott copy.jpg

They pulled out a quote from Scott and plastered it along the top of the page. Lovely Scott. Can I change the world tomorrow, though? I'm a bit too tired, today. 


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