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Call for submissions.

2010. It seems so futuristic. Will we all finally get our jet packs? I for one will be saving scraps of tin foil from now on, with which to fashion a suitable cardigan or such like garment. And dont forget the colander hat to set it all off, with a coat hanger aerial jauntily poking out the top. But its not so far away, you know. In the dynamic world of Snowbooks (where we plan more than a year ahead. Hmm. A brand new definition of dynamic), 2010 is really quite close, and we are starting to think about our list. So this is a call out to writers to submit your work for our 2010 slate one which we hope will be better than ever. Here is what were interested in: Fantasy. Alternate realities, strange universes. Think The Affinity Bridge, Book of Shadows Horror. Zombies, werewolves, vampires, witches, apocalypse, supernatural frighteners. Think Maneater, Paris Immortal, The Fall Sci fi from space opera to near future dystopias. Historical fiction. Think Needle in the Blood. Were also looking to scale up our non-fiction publishing programme. We are interested in all topics even quite specialist or technical subjects if they are interesting enough and written well - wed like to publish books that are the best in their field, from super-clear introductory texts to, for example, popular science, current affairs, technology, cookery or gardening. Or, I dont know, bee-keeping. The important thing is the quality of the writing, not the subject. All our non-fiction will be published in full colour with lots of illustrations and photos. (I wish non-fiction had a less negative name. Informative books, lets call them. Oh, no, thats no good either.) What were not interested in: Childrens, poetry, biography, experimental, edgy literary fiction, derivative fantasy featuring lots of orcs and elves. What we might also be interested in: Other genre writing including chick lit & crime. Please follow the instructions at You'll need to send full, not partial or proposed, fiction manuscripts. (Non-fiction proposals are OK, but a full non-fiction manuscript is ideal.) Remember to follow the file naming conventions and the guidelines for the email subject line, otherwise it'll be deleted. And please do consider getting in touch, even if youre not sure your work is right for Snowbooks. We are actively and keenly looking for books to publish so you have nothing to lose and a lovely shiny Snowbooks contract to gain.


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