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You know how computers cache the last few hundred strings you enter into fields? So if you go to google, and type in 'he...' it will bring up anything you've typed recently that starts with 'he'? Some of my searches - as a result of looking for cover design images for Snowbooks and our Snowbooks Design clients - look downright dodgy and I am writing this post in advance of anyone stealing my computer, looking at the cache and outing me as a perv to the book industry, and bringing down the mighty Snowbooks empire. For instance, here's some in the cache at the moment: Swinging Rabbit [not the fluffy kind] Rich Arab Circus elephant Hooker haunted castle Vampire Scratch marks Hooker's shoe Blood stain Dark alley Blood droplet Knife Absinthe Gun Gents toilet Lusty couple and so on. Honestly, I *am* a nice girl, really.


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