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Busman's holiday leisure activities

Ages ago I mentioned a kerning game you can play in your web browser by going here. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a typesetter then why not give it a go. Then, when you're ready for a real aesthetic challenge go here and have a go at perfecting some font designs... as a game. I think I like the idea that there is room in the world for games where nothing explodes, no music plays and you're using some highly abstract ability - like your feeling for how the stroke on a capital 'Q' should curve - as your primary game skill. It's easy to imagine similarly abstract literary/artistic games based on your ability to choose between synonyms when honing a sonnet. Or correctly identifying complementary colours. In fact someone should make a game where you adjust the typeface, font size and text placement on a book cover for maximum beauty and impact. (Might be just the thing to help self-publishing authors avoid saddling their books with covers that scream 'self-published'.)


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