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Burn Up

Am just trying out the BBC's iPlayer service. I'm about halfway through the two-part drama broadcast on BBC Two last week: Burn Up. It's about man-made climate change and the grubby power politics that slow our response to the problem. It's neatly written and capably acted, with a very solid cast. Despite unhurried pacing, it's good meaty stuff with occasional high points that hold the attention (well, mine at any rate). It's the sort of drama I wish there were a lot more of (even if we set aside its worthy intentions). What's extremely depressing is the audience viewing figures for the second instalment: Celebrity MasterChef    4.89m viewers A Touch of Frost         4.3m viewers Big Brother             3.65m viewers Burn Up Part II   1.56m (down from 2.4m for Part I)


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