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BS, in this case, standing for revealed truth

Not everyone *gets* Bruce Sterling. I had a very quick chat to him when I was in Texas early in the year and one could be forgiven for thinking that he was drunk at 10am. Not that he wasn't friendly and extremely interesting, but there's something about his run-on slightly-whiney monologues that makes you think he's just rambling. But if you continue to pay attention you generally hear something pretty amazing pretty soon. And you start to wonder if maybe he rants on like that because he's fairly used to people not being able to follow the trajectory of his remarks - perhaps on purpose in some cases. Anyway, here's Mr. Sterling unspooling another of his golden threads of unpunctuated insight and disaffection. I recommend watching it if you're at all able to dial yourself in to the eccentricity of his delivery. link. I couldn't say that this is directly related to the practice of publishing; but it's about art, the world, the future, the next generation, the past and loss, so then again maybe it is. Incidentally, he's wrapping up the Nevada Museum of Art, 2011 Art/Environment Conference.


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