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Brown paper pacels all tied up with string...


...This is one of our favourite things. The Death Artist is here! Already available from WHSmiths, and shortly from all other booksellers, The Death Artist is the must-read thriller of the summer. We've got some great promotions for it coming soon too: check back in the next few weeks for details!

From the blurb: "A killer is preying on New York's art community, creating gruesome depictions of famous paintings, using human flesh and blood as his media. Terror stalks this world of genius, greed, inspiration, and jealousy -- a world Kate McKinnon knows all too well. A former NYPD cop who traded in her badge for a Ph.D in art history, Kate can see the method behind the psychopath's madness -- for the grisly slaughter of a former protégé is drawing her into the predator's path. And as each new murder exceeds the last in savagery, Kate is trapped in the twisted obsessions of the death artist, who plans to use her body, her blood, and her fear to create the ultimate masterpiece."

The Death Artist is the UK debut from acclaimed author and internationally-exhibited artist, Jonathan Santlofer.  

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