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          Phew, that was close. This week includes both my due date and my own birthday, and finally - finally - I have started to find pictures of babies cute. I've always been ok with the cuteness of other mammalian infants. Kittens - check. Baby leopards - check. But human babies - er, not doing anything for me. Not enough fur, for a start. Thankfully I found a knitting pattern which featured these bootees popped on a chubby pair of baby legs that I actually found cute and quite nibblesome, so I made them, quick. 

bootees.jpg The bootees are in the same material and stitch as the cardigan I made a few months back. Here's the full set: 


The poor child will see these photos in years to come and pray that I didn't team these rather wonky handknits with, say, brown velour dungarees. For that is what they're crying out for. 

(No need to point out the many flaws, by the way - I am astonished enough that I made them at all. The occasional fundamental mistake is neither here nor there.) 


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