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The Novel Inside You

Paul Magrs

"This is so much more than How To Write, it’s How To Live. Part-memoir and part-tutorial, this book asks ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ and, miraculously, finds an answer. From life. From memory, family, lovers, heartbreak, childhood, loss and joy, all captured beautifully in these pages" -- Russell T. Davies


A beautifully written, nostalgic, and quirky book about being a writer in today's world. If you finish this and still want to be a writer, then you're in the 'write' profession. – Nicky P. Smalley Civil Servant Inspiration and creativity isn't something you have, it's something you forget. This book and its exercises remind you that the creativity that you took for granted as a child is still there and ready to play. – Ian Hayles, performer and improviser. With a combination of autobiographical insights and practical exercises this book takes you into the swirling mind of a dynamic writer. Reading this book has transformed my thinking as a writer and drawn out my imaginative inner child. – Philip Janvier Author & Church Minister The exercises in this book are innovative and surprising, helping you develop skills for your writerly toolkit that most people won’t even tell you you’ll need. This isn’t just for up-and-coming creators: jobbing writers will be surprised at the amount of polish and new life this one-on-one course gives their work. – Kara Dennison, author and journalist The Novel Inside You is a funny, engaging, autobiographical romp through the field of creative writing. A glorious mix of anecdotes and useful exercises to get you filling your notebooks with ideas, starting those stories, and helping you through to the finish line. The Novel Inside You turns the concept of a dry, prescriptive, creative writing handbook on its head. The wonderful mix of anecdotes, autobiography and writing exercises will inspire you to try out ideas, find your mojo, and have fun through the whole process of writing a book. 'Far more entertaining than a' how to' book should be. And that is the clue to the fact that it's much more interesting and valuable than your average book of this sort. In fact, I don't think there has ever been a book like this'. Not sure I like that, not very good with words! – David Brunt, Support Worker. An insightful book. It guides you through a very personal writing life, generously imparting experiences and knowledge, encouraging the reader to write. Just write and see what happens. It enables the discovery of your own style. Paul's voice is strong it made me feel we were sitting in a cosy cafe chatting. Thank you Paul. – Anne Stairs, nurse. I loved it. Can't wait to start recommending it to students. Part-memoir and part-tutorial, this book is a joy. Quietly, unshowily, and authoritatively, Paul Magrs teaches not just how to write, but how to live as a writer – by observing, listening, and paying sharp attention to the wonders and minutiae of everyday life that make up all the best stories. – Una McCormack, writer and lecturer. "It’s been a joy to have Paul's writing in my life for the last twenty years. in this book, he's opening up with remarkable candour and insightfulness about what we can all learn from his creative process. This book is a fabulous gift for people working in any creative writing field." – Stephen M Hornby, playwright and reviewer.

Published Apr 30, 2019 • 320 pages • 198 × 129mm • ISBNs: 978-1-911390-58-9 • 978-1-911390-59-6

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