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The London Scene

Virginia Woolf

The London Scene is a beautifully illustrated, gift-book-sized hardback that marks the launch of the Signature Collection, a series of neglected or forgotten works by major authors. Next in line are pieces by EM Forster, Edgar Allan Poe and Jerome K Jerome, which are to be published in the spring. --Observer


...they're observational vignettes, snapshots of London life which manage to be both dated (in their snobbery) and strangely modern (in their meandering, histrionic resemblance to the psychogeographical ruminations of Iain Sinclair: The Tower of London, for example, is 'the knot, the clue, the hub of all those scattered miles of skeleton desolation'.) -- Time Out

Published Sep 01, 2004 • 72 pages • 150 × 150 × 12mm • ISBNs: 978-0-9545759-2-2 •

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