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The Empyreus Proof

Bryan Wigmore

Grappling with the aftermath of the Skalith crisis, Orc and Cass Strandborn are shocked to discover its true instigators, and those behind their tormenting amnesia – a shadowy cabal of occultists who mean to provoke a global war. Only the Watchers of Highcloud have the power to challenge these ‘Kings Behind the World’. But to reach the monastery, Orc and Cass must navigate the Empyreal metropolis of Bismark, a tangle of oppression and intrigue where advanced machines mask ancient magic. And at the heart of this labyrinth lies the severed head that rules the Empyreum, concealing a deadly link to the Strandborns’ stolen pasts. The Shroud veiling their memories is beginning to tear. But with Orc’s grip on reality fracturing, and Cass caught in a desperate struggle against the occultists’ agents, finding out who they are might come too late.


"In the end, it's one of my best reads so far this year." -- Brian G. Turner, SFF Chronicles

Published Oct 01, 2018 • 664 pages • 198 × 129 × 30mm • ISBNs: 978-1-911390-52-7 • 978-1-911390-53-4

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