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The Crafter's Companion

Edited by Anna Torborg

In a world where every material desire can be filled by ready-made, machine-perfect goods, why do some people still insist on doing things by hand? The Crafter's Companion is for everybody who loves the world of hand-crafts and anybody who's ever wondered what exactly there is to love about it. An on-line community of skilled artists have come together to answer these questions: * Why do you create? * What inspires you? * How do you work? Additionally, each artist has contributed a pattern of her own design, making The Crafter's Companion the ideal resource for practical projects and encouraging words.


"Amazing idea! I really think it will be a best seller. How many times do we wander in the bookstores searching for such kind of light?" --comment on crafting blog twelve22.org.

Published Sep 07, 2009 • 192 pages • ↑ 12mm • ISBNs: 978-1-906727-14-7 • 978-1-905005-17-8

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