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Edited by Jonathan Green and Kit Cox, Den Patrick, Al Ewing, David Lee Stone, Jonathan Oliver, Gary McMahon, Andrew Lane, Josh Reynolds, C L Werner, Toby Frost, Robert Spalding, Laurel Sills, Ian Whates, Amy Taylor, Andy Taylor, Richard Salter, Sarah Peploe, Kim Lakin-Smith, David Tallerman, Steven Savile, Jenni Hill, and Alec Worley

Sharks – the ultimate predators, masters of their watery domain, a world that is entirely alien and inhospitable to man. So many aspects of the shark are associated with humankind’s most primal fears. The tell-tale dorsal fin slicing through the water, the dead eyed-stare, the gaping jaws full to unforgiving teeth, the remorseless drive to kill and feed… Inspired by such classic pulp movies as Jaws and Deep Blue Sea – as well as such ludicrous delights as Sharknado and Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus – the stories contained within are rip-roaring page-turners and slow-build chillers that celebrate all things savage, pulp and selachian. Covering the whole range of speculative fiction genres, from horror and Steampunk, through to SF and WTF, these are stories with bite! Come on in. The water’s fine…

Published May 01, 2015 • 528 pages • 198 × 129mm • ISBNs: 978-1-909679-96-2 • 978-1-909679-52-8

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