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Plotting for Beginners

Sue Hepworth and Jane Linfoot

'Women reach fifty and think they're on the verge of liberation and excitement, and their broken-down men just want to stay home and fart. Or in my case, go and live in a cabin in the Rockies and fart.' Sally Howe plans to spend her husband-free year trying her hand at becoming a wildly successful author. But she's beset by distractions - the first being a queue of local lotharios, led by young Billy Bathgate, village postmaster with a tartan trouser habit and an obsession with drain rods. Warm, wise and funny, Plotting for Beginners offers a wry evaluation of long-haul marriages, plus a lesson on how to hit the menopause running and seize your freedom when the family has gone.


"dangerously addictive" BBC Radio "funny, quirky…different, refreshing, and spot-on with its observations" The Guardian "wonderfully funny...enormously satisfying, well-written and perfectly-plotted" Trashionista "buoyant and charming...hilarious bursts of verve and wit" E! Online "amusing and unpretentious" The Times

Published May 01, 2010 • pages • mm • ISBNs: 978-1-906727-89-5 • 978-1-905005-12-3

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